Work and travel – top 10 tips

Work and travel – top 10 tips

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Travelling and working at the same time is something many people are dreaming about but not everyone can do. There are specific professions and spheres that provide you with opportunities to combine both activities. This is probably the charm of being a freelancer. However, going to a foreign country without good preparation and self-organization is a huge mistake as there are many pitfalls one finds about only when goes abroad. If you want to try working and travelling, the following tips will help make this experience efficient and memorable.  

travel and working

  1. Conduct a small research. If you do not have any particular country on your mind, do a research to find out what the best countries for freelancers are. Of course, it greatly depends on professional area.
  2. Know your rights. Pay special attention to legal aspects. You should know what rights you have as a foreigner and what laws you have to respect to avoid problems.
  3. Embrace the culture. Find out as much as possible about the country you want to live in for some time. You should be aware of local traditions and rules to avoid awkward situations.
  4. Plan efficiently. If you are planning to visit several countries, make a plan that includes what cities you are going to stay, time of your stay, and places to visit.
  5. Save money. Do not spend all money you have even if you know that you will receive another payment for a project. Set up on your website marketing automation with affiliate payday program, and get money to travel. When living somewhere for an extended period of time, it is important to have money to use in force majeure situations like attending doctor.Save money
  6. Get a travel credit card. It is a good idea to have a backup plan like travel credit card. This type of cards is different from traditional credit cards as they offer bonuses like miles or dollar per spend dollar/ euro.
  7. Prioritize. It is important to set priorities to be able to cope with working tasks and have time for travelling. Make a list of things you need to do every day and write down how much time you need.
  8. Time management. Do not waste time on things that are not on your to-do-list at a particular day. There are a lot of time-stealers like surfing the Internet or chatting on social media. Time management.
  9. Have some rest. When you feel frustrated and exhausted, take a break. There is nothing bad in staying at home one day and having some rest. This will help restore your emotional and physical health to continue travelling and working.
  10. Working location. If you are a freelancer and you are planning to work in a coffee shop or café, find the right one. Even though these are the places that are always crowded, it is always possible to find a cozy place.

Working abroad and travelling is a great opportunity to open new horizons and get new experience. Do not miss this chance!