Does Social Networking Influence on Our Life and Daily Productivity?

Does Social Networking Influence on Our Life and Daily Productivity?

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People today are very dynamic. They move quickly from one place to another. They exchange large amount of information daily. Globalization provoked enormous flow of information into our mind. In order to stay competitive in today’s world we use many technological developments.

Business platforms, social networks overload us with tons of information. Some people will argue it. New millennium generation primarily knows only virtual part of life. Does social networking really bring that many benefits? Does it increase our daily productivity? Addicted to Social Networking

Why We Get Addicted to Social Networking

Many people say life in social networks is key for them. It is true, that person’s e-presence has some advantages. A person:

  1. keeps connection with friends worldwide;
  2. gets to know new people;
  3. can discuss work issues.
  4. gets attention. This is the most tricky benefit of e-presence. Sharing thoughts, commenting and liking makes a person absolutely addicted to life in social media.

E-presence Destroys Human’s Productivity

 E-presence Destroys Human’s ProductivityLet’s look at activity in social networks critically.

  • It can substitute real life. Life online is far more easier. Many people choose to avoid real problems by substituting the reality. It is a very dangerous practice.
  • Benefits from e-presence they are not that big. You can hardly substitute calling your friend by messaging him in chat.
  • Crucial point is that social networking destroys human productivity. Even if you spend online some 30 minutes, you can have tough consequences.
  • The thinking process becomes slower.
  • Your eyes get more tired.
  • You suffer stress.
  • Social networking destroys personal potential. It unfavorably influences our consciousness.

These arguments are equally true for business networking. Today presenting your business ideas to stakeholders is popular. Many networks are created for that purpose. Though, too broad business discussion with big public will not help you. It will only make you tired. Listening to too many voices can change your attitude to your own project.

Let’s see how to take good from your online presence, but still be vigilant about consequences.

Manage Your Social Presence

Everything is good in tiny portions. It is a very straightforward saying. It applies to majority of the things we do in life. Use it to control your presence in social media.  

  • Choose the range of people with whom you really need online communication. That can be your relatives or close friends who live far.
  • Do not engage too actively in communication with unknown people. Unknown people can waste your time.
  • Learn how much time you should spend online. It is a very individual parameter. If after 0.5 hour online per day, you feel tired, change regime. Reduce your activity to 15 minutes.

Social networking is so popular because of PR campaigns. Always think critically about it. Do not waste your potential and productivity for nothing!

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