Job Seekers – 10 Ways to Brand Yourself on Twitter

Job Seekers – 10 Ways to Brand Yourself on Twitter

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In the era of an impressive technological development and the Internet being available to anyone, there are many ways for a person to find a dream job and promote his or her professional profile. Apart from ordinary, job-related platforms where you can post your CV or check for the open positions at different companies, there is a long list of other websites where you can show all your professional characteristics and potential. In this matter, we should in no case underestimate social media and other platforms of this kind.

Those who have ever searched for a job do know what LinkedIn is. Of course, the platform is obviously intended for job seekers and human resource managers, but what can you say about Twitter? It is considered to have nothing to do with the professional sphere. In this publication, we will provide you with some useful recommendations.

Brand Yourself on Twitter

Demonstrate Your Writing Skills  

When writing a Twitter post, you can, first of all, demonstrate your writing talent. Many companies search copywriters, brand identity managers, and simply those who are proficient in catchy writing. If you are of this profile, do not be surprised that a human resource manager will contact you one day. Use your Twitter posts as pieces of advertising to brand yourself, choose right wording and formulations.

Show Your Photographing Talent

Twitter is more than just making text posts; it is also a platform where you can showcase your photographs and thus demonstrate your talent. If you believe to have good skills, then feel free to demonstrate it to the wide audience.

Become a Model

Twitter is also a good platform to demonstrate your ideal look. You can brand a profile of yours and become a model with a help of Twitter.

Do the Advertising

There is always a chance to participate in online trading/ advertising with the help of Twitter. If you have a lot of subscribers, make creative posts with many likes, you can do business on Twitter.

Brand Yourself on Twitter

Use Twitter for Promotion

The platform allows you to send messages to those people who read you. Your twits can include links to any resources (blogs, web page, documents, etc.) and attach photos/ videos.

Attract Customers

You can also find clients and extend your customer base with the help of Twitter. You can use keywords that are related to your business for that purpose. You can directly contact those users who are interested in your services.

Support a Brand Presence

Twitter can be a wonderful free communication tool, especially if it is used in a combination with other social networks and services. Many companies publish different materials in various social services to cover all possible categories of followers.


Some organizations use Twitter as a means of communication for their employees. You can consider this approach if you create the most open and transparent business.

Create a Communication Network

You can use Twitter to establish connections and chat with other experts in your field of business or with those with whom you would like to cooperate.

Support Customers

The platform is also an excellent way to communicate with clients and a convenient instrument to inform people about the up-to-date news. Your account can be used to announce company news. It will allow you to be the maximum transparent and increase trust to your company.

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